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179. Johanna McBrien

tn35681_14_JMcBrien_011911_902Interview with Editor-in-Chief  of Antiques & Fine Art Magazine: www.afamag.comJohanna McBrien talks about her amazing academic and professional background as well as, Johanna is a boots on the ground researcher and lover of fine Period American furniture, she further discusses the importance of the arts and connection through history.

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AR0903_1057_web-crop-c0-44__0-33-676x380Aloha, it is a fun interview with the ‘psychic appraiser’ and king of Pop Culture, Gary Sohmers. He knows the value of 100,000 useless objects and is nationally recognized expert in the world of collectibles. Listen in as he talks about his beginnings, and how the business has changed and much more. Check out his radio show Tuesdays 10-11:00 AM EST and North East Comic Con.

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IMG_4686Oh to be 18 years old, and an antiques dealer! Gabe tells what it’s like to be one of the few out there, he has been buying and selling for four years, and has a nice space in an active antique shop. You can email Gabe at:

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20150328_Gone_with_The_wind_01_620_546_100Guest James Tumblin talks about his Gone with the Wind collection coming up at Heritage Auction on April 18 & 19, how he got started collecting his now 300,000 Gone with the Wind  objects of memorabilia as well his experience and friendship with Marilyn Monroe.

Follow up with auction results here. Dress sells for $137,000!

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