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Since we started our podcast, we have been looking for ways to spread the word about what we are doing. Our first priority has always been to make our podcasts fun and informational. We hope to spark more interest in this great business. I have learned a lot while recording the podcasts and hope that our listeners can learn as well.

The antique and auction business has taken some real hits with the economy like every other business. But more importantly, it was looking like less and less young people had an interest in our beloved antiques.

Continue here: I was seeing this on a daily basis, as people were bringing in silver and china for sale. Over and over I heard the story that their children or grandchildren had no interest in their antiques.

Late in 2009, I sent emails to dozens online antique trade related websites or magazines and told them about what we are attempting to do here. Only one responded and that was Eric Bradley editor of the Antique Trader.

Eric is on the young side and is a great asset for that company in many ways. He put our podcast link in the Trader blog, and has been promoting us ever since. He is responsible for many of our great guests as well. Our podcast posts on  iTunes and about 40 other podcast hosting websites, yet we are only able to document the traffic to this website. I noticed right away with Eric’s help, that our traffic seemed to pick up on a daily basis and still is. We started getting emails from all around the country from people who found us through that blog.

After dozens of emails between Eric and I, it was obvious that we had alike passions for the business and both saw that there was new technology that may attract the younger generation. Podcasting is one, blogs, and all kinds of social medias. I have a very small part in this, but greatly enjoy doing what I can do. On the other hand, Eric is constantly looking for ways to keep this business strong and alive by using all kinds of different avenues. He is open minded and keeping up with what is happening and this is refreshing. Myself, being in the business forever, can tell you that change is not an easy thing as we can get stuck in our ways.

I am hoping you take the time to listen to the podcast that Reyne Haines and I did with Eric here.

If you love the business, whether a dealer, auctioneer or collector, I believe you will find that Eric is a dynamic person, an asset to the antique and auction world and will be for decades to come. Thank you for reading.     Sincerely, Martin Willis

Eric Bradley, Antique Trader


  1. Jim Kain
    Thu 09th Dec 2010 at 5:32 am

    “Eric is on the young side” … ?… Is that his high school yearbook photo or is he under 21?

  2. Thu 09th Dec 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Hey Jim,

    I can relate to this as I always looked much younger then I was. When I was 30, I still had a baby face and no one trusted that I knew anything about antiques, even though I spent half my life immersed in them.

    Eric may thank you some day.. but maybe not right now.

    He deserves a lot of respect for all he does… think of him as a needed antique activist.

  3. Thu 31st Mar 2011 at 5:41 pm

    as someone who has known Eric for years — he is the devil!! he does not age, truly, though he is younger than most of the rest of us. he is sincere, yet hilariously funny, unfailingly a gentleman and I concur with Martin that Eric is a huge asset, to his company and our industry.

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