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Appeal of Simplicity

I was recently inspired to write this because of podcast number 107. with guest Leigh Keno. Leigh made a remark that the younger crowd is influenced by the simple

functionality of the iPhone and similar Apple products. This got me thinking and I pondered if Apple decided to come out with a furniture line, then we (in the antique world), would have to eventually adapt to handling iChairs, iSofas, iLoungers and iDining sets… Ay yi, yi.

Shaker Revolving Chair

I too like simplicity and functionality, but when I think on those lines, my mind drifts immediately to Shaker furniture. It is most likely because I am self-brainwashed into loving just antiques. When I really open my eyes and mind, I can see the attraction and a parallel of appeal. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING



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