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Part I of II. Martin visits the eBay campus in San Jose, CA and interviews spokesperson Jim (GRIFF) Griffith, Senior Manager, Seller Strategy/Advocacy. Listen in to hear the beginnings of the company, the reason for the changes in the seller feedback system, and eBay feelings about the “little guy” vs big vendors. Martin talks about how eBay affected the auction business and what adjustments were made. Martin asks about certain rumors, Griff discusses some great evolving changes and much more.

Griff can be heard live twice a week on eBay Radio, click here

Part II Click Here.

*Correction: Martin states he was an eBay member since July, 1997 and it was July, 1998.


  1. Wed 22nd Dec 2010 at 5:49 pm

    Thank god you asked his real name. One name nicknames are far from professional. The public face of ebay is soo nice. A little different if you have ever tried to get a problem resolved. This is coming from a power seller with 9855 pos. feedbacks and 100% customer satisfaction rating. I have eaten a lot of bad deals because ebay leans VERY far towards the buyer, even when unwarranted. Keep up the good work Marty!!

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