Martin chats with a young & fun American folk art dealer who began collecting at age five! Listen in as Kate talks about getting her generation active in the antiques world, the struggles they face and her part in keeping collecting alive.

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  1. Dan C
    Fri 06th Jan 2012 at 12:22 am

    Terrific Podcast.

    I was fortunate to briefly meet Kate Manko by chance during business travels and she is a great resource for anybody that is interested in learning more about collecting art and/or unique items that make a personal connection for her clients. This Podcast has me thinking more about finding an item to start my own collection.

    I think Financial Advisors and Family Offices would do well to consult with Kate about either their personal art interests or those of their valued clients.

    Of course, it is obvious after listening to the Podcast that Ms. Manko would be more than happy to help educate anyone that wanted to learn more about collectables especially American Folk Art and Rock n Roll Memorabilia.

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