Steiff’s Official Consultant Archivist Rebekah Kaufman, AKA Steiffgal joins Martin and greets all our listeners with teddy bear hugs. A very enthusiastic guest who is passionate about collecting Steiff and preserving the Steiff legacy. Listen in for lots of helpful information and interesting facts (it all started with undergarments) about collecting, rare finds, identifying, restoration and more.   Click here for Show Notes.

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  1. Sandy Sherman
    Sat 25th Feb 2012 at 3:27 pm

    This is fabulous and informative for all collectors and lovers of Steiff. I have been collecting for over fifty years, and this interview gives so much information, much of it new (at least to this collector!). Rebekah is a treasure to the Steiff brand and to all of us who love and appreciate Steiff. It is a must listen for all collectors. Thank you for this excellent interview!
    Teddy bear hugs Rebekah!

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