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Martin visits Strawberry Banke for Part Two with Chief Curator, Kimberly Alexander, they talk about this year’s exhibition: “Fitz John Porter – Civil War Hero or Coward?” Major General Fitz John Porter was a Civil War soldier, born in Portsmouth, NH. He was court marshaled after the second battle of Bull Run by disobeying orders that in fact would have annihilated his troops. It took sixteen years for exoneration.  Listen in as Kimberly talks about the amazing story of finding the long lost sword of the officer and much more.

Click the image for the exhibition page on the Strawberry Banke website.

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Martin visits historic Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and chats with the Chief Curator, Kimberly Alexander. This riverside museum has 35 structures dating all the way back to 1695 (only two buildings were moved to the site). Kimberly is a wonderful guest with a passion for preserving history.

Click the image to visit the Strawberry Banke Museum website. “Come explore four centuries of American history in one of New Hampshire’s oldest waterfront neighborhoods.”


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