thomas jefferson

Curator Susan Stein joins us for Thomas Jefferson Part III. We talk about Jefferson’s Monticello transitioning over the years, his five year Parisian influence which created the cosmopolitan feel of the Monticello interior and more. Listen in to hear what items have been recovered from the January 15th, 1827 Five Day Dispersal Auction, and what things never left the house. Susan also talks about recent changes and what is in store. Visit the Monticello Website HERE.

Thomas Jefferson I, Andrew Burstein  HERE.

Thomas Jefferson II, Andrew Burstein  HERE.

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LSU Professor & Jefferson Scholar Andrew Burstein joins us for Thomas Jefferson, Part II. Listen in to hear about Jefferson’s struggles with slavery, his concubinage relationship with Sally Hemings, what Jefferson might think about today’s immigration issues & more. Toward the end of the episode we speak briefly about Monticello.

Thomas Jefferson Part I  HERE.

Part III Jefferson’s Monticello HERE

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