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Levi-Bettwieser-Rescued-Film-Project-WW2-Louperescued-film-project-2Guest Levi Bettweiser talks about The Rescued Film Project, found film from locations all over the world, in the form of undeveloped rolls of film, which are developed and scanned to a digital archive, check out this video of 31 discovered WWII rolls seen for the first time.

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1617c9b0-55a7-4a7a-bd12-aca0fa1aaa6d-460x276Our most exciting historic podcast, on location at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for the Reveal Ceremony of the famed Paul Revere, Samuel Adams Time Capsule! Plus, a phone interview with the woman who opened the box, Pam Hatchfield who is Head of Objects Conservation at the MFA. Pam is also president of the American Institute for Conservation.

Host Martin Willis is joined by Dan Sullivan of gemr.com



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