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Sweet Chariot (blog)

I recently had the pleasure of vetting The Original Miami Beach Antique Show, and saw an amazing bronze by Emile Louis Picault (France, b. 1833-1913). There was a constant buzz at the show about this masterpiece in bronze. It sold for over $300,000 when the show first began and there was a man waiting in line to pay $75,000 more than asking. I was asked by Worthpoint to write and article about this amazing piece, so please click here to read my story and get the inside scoop from my interview with Robin Greenwald at  Greenwald’s Antiques. (photo by Greg Watkins)









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Listen in to a roundtable informative chat with worthpoint.com CEO Will Seippel, Maggie Turnipseed, Audra Blevins, Mike Wilcox, Jason Robins joined by host Martin Willis. They chat about the success of sponsoring The Original Miami Beach Antique Show, the launch of marksandlibrary.com a data source for over 40k marks of all kinds of marks of your antiques and collectibles. Jason Robins speaks about the remaking of goantiques.com which will launch in March, 2012.


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Seaboard Auction Gallery's First sale: Jake Brown, Martin Willis & JR Larue, 1979











I guess you could say that our family got in the antiques auction business because of drunkenness. Most people would be embarrassed to admit something like that, but not I.

Long before my father ever stood behind the podium with gavel in hand, he was relentlessly dragging me …….

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Martin & Reyne interview Will Seippel, the CEO of Worthpoint, the most active antique website in the world with 200,000 hits a day!

They talk about Worthpoint’s trilogy of websites including GoAntiques and PriceMiner.  Listen in to hear the amazing …

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