An enlightening interview with a passionate collector & hunter of one man’s 19th c. trash ~ today’s bottle treasures. From using recent technology  to locate finds, as well as scuba diving rivers, to privy digging, Bram Hepburn has done it all.

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  1. Connie Ezzell
    Thu 19th Jul 2012 at 3:01 am

    I just listened to your podcast on collecting antique bottles and I love your enthusiasm, and I understand you totally! Being a treasure hunter can only be appreciated fully by those whom share the same passion. I have recently become an excited bottle hunter myself. It is so much fun!! I have found several old soda bottles such as: TruAde, NEHI, Sun Drop Cola, and more.
    I have a variety of old items that I have collected over the last few years. This hobby is becoming more and more addicting!
    I will be grateful to take any advise you will give me to help me publish and/or sale some of the items. I enjoy collecting, but beyond that I am at a lose. I will be listening to many more podcast and watching video’s on the joys of collecting in hopes to gain more information. Thanks for sharing your collections!

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