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163. Emily Susanin


susaninsphotoEmily Susanin of Susanin’s Auctioneers & Appraisers joins us for insight on the Chicago auction world, her involvement in the company. She further discusses the fun one can have while dealing with interesting people and pieces as well as educating one’s self in the trade.

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20140628_165813An annual round-robin, at the festive Randolph Street Market, with promoter Sally Schwartz, Nena Ivon, Harry Rinker, Susan Klein Bagdade, Al Bagdade, and Danielle Arnet, Addressing several topics in the world of collecting in 2014.

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wHhw4hj76KjPSWbbMjxmip90yG0kHPY7XzkX-_PtrusRecorded live in Chicago, a special Round-Robin format podcast celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Randolph Street Market, with co-founder Sally Schwartz, Kathy Finley, Nena Ivon, Harry Rinker, Susan Klein Bagdade, Al Bagdade, Greg Willett, Danielle Arnet, and former podcast co-host Phyllis Kao. A celebration of the anniversary as well as a discussion on the antiques market place makes this a fascinating podcast for all who are interested in antiques and vintage.

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Martin Willis:  Hello everyone, this is Martin Willis with the Antique Auction Forum and welcome to episode number 110 with Leslie Hindman.  I hope you enjoy today’s show.  This podcast is sponsored by WorthPoint.  Find out what your antiques are worth at WorthPoint.com.

Hi, everyone, I’m on Skype with Leslie Hindman.  How are you doing, Leslie?

Leslie:  I’m doing really well, great!

Martin:  And we’re calling you at your Chicago office.  Can you tell us, right off the bat; I want to know how you started because I saw that you opened your first auction gallery there in 1982.  What’s your background prior to that?

Leslie:  You know I started working for Sotheby’s in 1978 and they opened a Chicago office and I was the assistant to the woman who was running it.  It was their first branch office that they started in America.  So I started there working, and I didn’t know much about the industry and I loved it immediately.

Martin:  Did you have an art background or something?

Leslie:  I had somewhat of an art background, but you know, just a general art history background.  I was 21, I think and the woman who was opening their office needed someone just to work with her just as her assistant.  I actually went to shorthand school and learned how to type, back in the day when people typed letters, and  just started doing all this general office work and then really fell in love with the auction business. And our office was very successful and grew.

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110. Leslie Hindman

110. Leslie Hindman

Martin talks to Chicago’s Leslie Hindman about her growing auction company with offices in Denver, Naples & Palm Beach, FL as well as Milwaukee. They talk about the transitions over the years, finding an unknown Van Gogh, selling memorabilia from the historic Comiskey Park, the Chicago Stadium as well as the recent upshot of handling Chinese pieces and fine jewelry. Former co-host Phyllis Kao who now works for the auction company chimes in for a quick hello. Visit: lesliehindman.com


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Martin talks to author Gayle Soucek about her book: “Marshall Fields: The Store that Helped Build Chicago” and the overall interesting history of the city. Listen in to hear if Mrs O’Leary’s cow had anything to do with the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and much more.

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