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2 May 2011, by

Emotions & Estimates

by Martin Willis

For a more recent blog after reading Marilyn’s unknown personal letters, click here.

I recently had a talk with Joe Maddalena on podcast number 80 and he made a very logical statement. Prices are set by the …

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29 Apr 2011, by

80. Joe Maddalena

Martin visits Los Angeles and stops in to talk to Joe Maddalena of Profiles in History. They discuss the June 18th Debbie Reynolds~The Auction,  which consists of the most important & rare Hollywood memorabilia to ever be offered. The collection includes Marylin Monroe’s  iconic Subway Dress and Dorothy’s Ruby Red Shoes. They also discuss the Hollywood Treasure TV Show, the upcoming Disney Auction, last year’s Lost Auction, and Joe gives advice to new collectors.

Click here to visit the Profiles in History website.

Click here to view our video of the Profiles in History office.

UPDATE: Marylin Monroe’s  iconic Subway Dress sells for nearly 5 million dollars! Click here for the story.

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